Automation for your warehouse

Who is META-ILS?

Innovative Logistic Solutions

Conveyor technology systems & automated intralogistics solutions

META-ILS is the result of combining years of experience working in different areas of engineering to provide the customer with the intralogistics solution that best suits their needs.

We will make your warehouse as efficient as possible using the most advanced solutions.

META-ILS stands for the combination of META storage technology and innovative logistics/conveyor technology solutions. Some projects have already been successfully implemented together, effectively combining racking and conveyor technology as a complete solution.

Through holistic warehouse planning, including prior analysis, consultation and simulation, we provide our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage.

META-ILS convinces with individual and holistic customer solutions in the following areas of warehouse automation:

Racking & storage technology






Planning & analysis



High bay shelving

Warehouse platforms and mezzanines

Driven Conveyor

Non-driven Conveyor

META-ILS is an expert in complete line of automatic and static systems for warehouses

Pallet Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Vertical Conveyor

Selection- and Identificationsystems


META-ILS will provide you with all the necessary information so that you know from the beginning what the fi nal result of the project will look like.

Warehouse automation contains all automation efforts required to set up the warehouse more effi ciently. META-ILS helps you grow.

Two characteristics are essential here: hardware and software. The hardware enables quick and effi cient transport and storage, while software gives full control and overview of your warehouse. Automating your warehouse brings advantages.


META-ILS tailor your project to the specific needs of your industry.


Mezzanine up to 15 m in height


Gravity racking up to 30 kg per box, roller conveyors up to 2 meter per second


Pallet conveyors up to 1.500 kg per pallet


Vertical conveyors up to 3.000 boxes per hour

What can META-ILS do for you?

At META-ILS we analyse your warehouse from the beginning, a multidisciplinary team will be at your service identifying which processes could be implemented to obtain the most effi cient turnkey solution possible.

Task clarification & analyzing

Design concept & solution development

Detailes project design & manufacturing

Equipment integration

Start-adjusting and maintenance service


Technical support 24/7

Remote connection (VPN)

Guidance sessions for working with
automated system

Warranty and After-Sale-Service